Anything goes

Chris is turning into a zombie and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Trivia Edit

  • This the first time we see Chris dancing in his video.
  • Although he claims he’s got 100 subscribers, in reply to one of the comments he says he did a mistake (‘I think I had 150’).
  • There is a couple of Shaun of the Dead references:
    • He’s eating a strawberry-flavoured Cornetto. The film is a part of The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, a series of British comedic genre films created by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. The film features a strawberry-flavoured Cornetto.
    • He also makes the same facial expression that Simon Pegg does while pretending to be a zombie.
  • You can see Amelie, Marilyn Monroe, and Army of Darkness posters, along with many others.
  • There is a Doctor Who calendar hanging above Chris’ bed.
  • He’s reading Anything Goes by John Barrowman, a British-American actor, singer, presenter and writer. Although Chris said he borrowed this book from a friend (yeah, right), we’re not seeing the last of it.
  • Take a note: a cure for the zombie infection consists of bleach and shaving foam.
  • Chris gets rickrolled for the first and last time on camera.

Memorable quotes Edit


Even though zombies are eating brains, I’ve got 100 subscribers. I don’t know how many of them are still alive, or if they’re hiding, or anything like that, but I think in this time of darkness there’s always time to celebrate.
I don’t want to eat brains. I don't want to eat soft brains, soft juicy brains.