This is the first Chris’ video on SomeLikeItVlogged. He introduces himself, talks about drugs, comics and the Lord of the Rings. He also talks about what types of vlogs the members of the channel should upload here.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time he says, ‘My name is Crabstickz, it’s not my real name.‘
  • He offers a year’s free subscription to those who will subscribe to the SomeLikeItVlogged and Crabstickz channel within 48 hours.
  • He says that happiness comes from inside for the first time. Later he would quote it on repeated occasions.
  • We learn that he’s a massive comics fan. The comic book he’s got is Marvel Zombies 3 vol.1.
  • He mentions fiveawesomeguys, a collaboration channel featuring fallofautumndistro (aka Alan Lastufka), Charlieissocoollike (aka Charlie McDonnell), Alex Day, Toddly00 (aka Todd Williams), and JohnnyDurham19 (aka Johnny Durham). He later appears in a couple of Alex and Charlie’s videos.
  • He mentions The Lord of the Rings, a film series based on the novel by J. R. R. Tolkien. He is also lip trumpeting the theme song.
  • We learn that he goes clubbing.
  • Also, he sets the rules for the members of the channel.
    Looks like he’s the main guy there.
  • He calls someguy090 a crackhead, for what he apologises in Nine: Not getting any shorter!
  • Chris said in the comments that he gave himself 5 stars (‘is that legal?’).

Memorable quotes Edit

I hope I don’t spoil it by being me.
Happiness comes from inside.