The tube saga continues, only this time with some boxes involved.

  1. Things you can do with two boxes:
  2. Carrie bradshaw working
  3. gojira
  4. and then king kong
  5. stephen hawkings black hole converter
  6. christopher walken's fort
  7. paris hilton
  8. dark knight
  9. martha jones treats herself 

Trivia Edit

  • This is a sequel to One Boy, One Tube
  • This is the first time Chris is cracking up in one of his videos. 
  • The tube from One Boy, One Tube makes a guest appearance.  
  • Two birthday cards can be seen on the windowsill. That’s because the video was filmed a day after Chris’ birthday. 
  • The book Doctor Who: The Inside Story can be seen on the windowsill as well. 
  • Japanese accent again. 
  • The book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die can be seen on the bookshelf.  
  • The way he puts his hand in the black hole converter is very similar to what he does in I Can't Even: Geek week Special! In both cases time travel is involved. 
  • He does a great Carrie Bradshaw impression, a lead character of the HBO romantic sitcom Sex and the City
  • He also does a Stephen Hawking impression and, of course, Christopher Walken. 
  • He makes parodies of such classic movie characters as King Kong and Godzilla (Gojira). 
  • A clockwork man saying, ‘It’s not finish... It’s finish’ is a reference to one of the episodes of Spaced (1x03 Arts). According to one of Chris’ comments on this video, Spaced is ‘the best thing that america will never have’. 
  • Both Martha Jones and a clockwork man are characters from Doctor Who, a British science-fiction television programme.  
  • There are Dante (Devil May Cry) and the Twins (the Matrix trilogy) figurines on the windowsill. They will make appearance in Beauty and the Beast cover.
    Shoot you with my leg

Memorable quotes Edit

Roll VT.
Why aren’t you printing? Oh my
God. It’s just a box. It’s just two boxes. It’s cause of my nose, I can’t see what I was typing on.
(As Christopher Walken) I’ll shoot you with my leg.