Chris shows us the drawings that he's made of his fellow youtubers.

Chris shows us the drawings that he's made of his fellow youtubers.

Trivia Edit

  • He called someguy090 a crackhead in Three: The series has landed. Also, he calls him that in Fifthteen: Baby SLIV again.
  • He claims to have been to hat montage festivals.
  • We learn that Crabstickz’ favourite superhero is Superman because he’s invincible.
  • The beginning of Becca Hodgekins at 2:06 and 2:16. Or am I paranoid?
  • He says he hasn’t really got any talents. But he’s kidding, we know that for sure.
  • This is the first time he demonstrates his amazing drawing skills.
  • He draws the pictures of some of the Marvel’s well-known super heroes like Superman, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Hulk.
  • He mentions Ace Ventura, a character, portrayed by Jim Carrey in the Ace Ventura films.
  • He draws Captain Crabstick, a fair representation of himself.
  • This is the first time he says that his subscribers are insane.
  • Chris has got a spinner from the Doctor Who The Time Travelling Action Game.

Memorable quotes Edit

Last week I made a comment about someguy090. I made the comment that he was a crackhead. I would like to retract this comment, as it is false. I know Luke, and he hasn’t had crack in days.


And that beautiful red hair. Red-black hair. You can send me some if you like.
He’s lost an arm. So, I hope he can still comment on this video and give it five stars.