Trivia Edit

  • He says dummies are enjoyable and good for your teeth.
  • This is the first time Chris wears a dress in his video. And he does look like that girl from the 2001 animated film Monsters Inc.
  • The nightie Chris is wearing belongs to his friend, Drifting Feather (as said by her in the comments).
  • While showing the Doctor Who DVD he hums the Tenth Doctor’s theme and makes an impression of Davros, a character from the show.
  • His Xbox was seen broken in Pleasure Sock and now it’s finally fixed.
  • He plays Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.
  • He calls Luke a crackhead again. Previously, he did that in Three: The series has landed.

Memorable quotes Edit

This isn’t a challenge. This is a punishment.
Game over
OK, naked vlog. I hope it’s not Orla. Cause she’d just have to sit naked in that chair. And isn’t that her living room? Cause if it lands on you then, perhaps, you should move to more secluded area. Or not. Maybe your family is quite liberal.